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Enjoy two free weeks of unlimited access to the highest quality, on-demand Pilates workouts and live classes available online.

  • 150+ premium on-demand videos.

  • Pilates workouts designed to match all skill levels and abilities.

  • Exciting new content released twice a week.

  • Free live classes.

  • Pilates for Kids.

  • Pre and Postnatal Pilates workouts.

"In 10 sessions, you'll feel the difference."

There’s a very different feeling you find when you are strong in your center, which is different than just being strong in your arms or your legs.  At Empowerhouse Pilates, we will challenge you to go deep within your own body to develop strength from the inside out.

"In 20 sessions, you'll see the difference."


Pilates can have a positive impact on not only the way we feel on the inside, but also how we look.  Once you have started to implement these techniques into your life, you will quickly notice a change in your body's appearance.  By simply standing with better posture, you will appear longer, leaner, and more confident!

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"In 30 sessions, you'll have a new body."

Pilates also opens up our minds to new possibilities.  When you reach new heights on the mat, you realize you can set even higher goals for yourself, and soon you're well on your way to becoming the best version of YOU.


"It's not hyperbole to say that [Empowerhouse Pilates] has changed my life.  I feel so much more balance and strength in my body and life."

Sandra Merten

“I am an avid athlete, on my feet all day, and previously had lower back pain.  Since I've joined Empowerhouse Pilates, my core, back, and my mind have never been stronger.  Thank you Michelle and Cindy!"

Dana C. | OB-GYN

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