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Join us and our Empowerhouse community as we sweat together on the mat!  This is the best way to get real-time feedback and chat with instructors about anything and everything Pilates.

Free to Empowerhouse Pilates Members. 


" I really enjoy the live zoom classes and it’s so easy to do from home. It keeps me disciplined and able to do Pilates more often. You’d think that Michelle or Cindy can’t see what you’re doing at home through their computer, but they can! The instruction, tips and adjustments offered are immensely helpful to my Pilates practice. Thank you both so much!!!"

Lisa S. / Empowerhouse Pilates Member

“I have been doing Pilates with Cindy at Empowerhouse for over a decade. During the pandemic I switched to virtual classes. Once everything started to open I stayed doing virtual workouts. I love that I still am pushed to do my best while avoiding driving time and shuffling schedules around to get my exercise in. With 2 little kids at home, 1 car and 2 working parents the flexibility the virtual workouts offer is amazing. But it doesn’t make them easy. I still get all the same wonderful benefits as if I were in person! The knowledge and training the Empowerhouse team has is undeniable and gifted to all of their clients. I love what Pilates does for my body, mind and soul."

Emilie L. / Empowerhouse Pilates Member

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