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Move With Purpose

Online Pilates Workouts Designed to Empower and Energize 

  • 150+ premium on-demand videos.

  • Customized Pilates workouts designed to match all skill levels and abilities.

  • Exciting new content released twice a week.

  • Free live classes.

  • Pilates for Kids.

  • Pre and Postnatal Pilates workouts.

Beginner Workouts

Perfect for those new to Pilates or looking to work on the basics.  These exercises are essential to Pilates and are designed to target the Powerhouse.

Breathing - Tutorial & Beginner Mat D.png

Intermediate Workouts

Our core material.  Within this series of videos you will work on developing greater stretch, strength and control.  

151 Centering - Intermediate Mat 2 C.png

Advanced Workouts

For the experienced, able-bodied practitioner.  These videos challenge coordination, endurance, flexibility and range of motion.

Tempo - Magic Circle.png


"It's not hyperbole to say that [Empowerhouse Pilates] has changed my life.  I feel so much more balance and strength in my body and life."

Sandra Merten

“I am an avid athlete, on my feet all day, and previously had lower back pain.  Since I've joined Empowerhouse Pilates, my core, back, and my mind have never been stronger.  Thank you Michelle and Cindy!"

Dana C. | OB-GYN

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