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16 Best Pilates Mats

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

While it is possible to do Pilates without any equipment at all, such as if you’re traveling, the right Pilates equipment can make a world of difference. The specific equipment used in Pilates helps to reduce injury risk, increase resistance, and improve the overall effect of the exercises.

The mat is probably the most essential piece of Pilates equipment. Mat work forms the building blocks of Pilates. Some of the simplest, yet most challenging exercises of the whole system are done on the mat!

It may be tempting to pull out your tried-and-true yoga mat, but there’s actually an important difference between yoga and Pilates mats. Most importantly, Pilates mats are thicker than yoga mats. We recommend using at least a 1-inch thick mat to provide more support throughout your Pilates exercise.

Pilates mats also differ from yoga mats in that they are typically more dense, bigger, and have a more smooth surface. Where yoga mats provide stability for standing exercises, Pilates mats support the back and tailbone, allowing your movements to flow easily.

Having the right Pilates mat can vastly improve your performance. First of all, having your own mat enables you to do Pilates workouts whenever and wherever you want! A good Pilates mat can also prevent unnecessary pressure on your spine and tailbone, so you can keep working out without injury or discomfort.

Consistency in Pilates will help you get stronger, faster. So I’m sharing a round-up of the best Pilates mats to help you maximize your workout sessions and feel your best!

16 Amount Best Pilates Mats

Pilates Design Low Folding Mat

Equipped with moon boxes, removable dowel handles, and a foot strap, the Pilates Design Low Folding Mat has everything you need for a rewarding Pilates exercise. The folding design and attached carrying straps make it easy to transport and store away in a small space. The beautiful upholstery comes in many colors, so you can easily customize it to your preference!

Pilates GRATZ Low Folding Mat

This folding Pilates mat from Pilates GRATZ is studio quality, with plush padding that’s 2 inches thick and high-quality upholstery. A durable carrying strap and folding feature allow you to easily put the mat away when you’re done. The elegant mat is more than just looks. It provides the necessary comfort and stability for you to excel in your Pilates moves!

Balanced Body Aeromat

The Balanced Body Aeromat has extra cushioning in a simple but effective Pilates exercise mat. The 72 x 24 inch mat is one of the largest on the market. Plus, it’s made of closed cell foam, which offers more stability for your toughest moves.

STOTT Pilates Deluxe Pilates Mat

With plenty of cushion and without breaking the bank, there’s no surprise the STOTT Pilates Deluxe Mat makes this list of the best Pilates mats. The 15 millimeter-thick cushion is made of a non-slip smooth material that provides ease of movement and plenty of support. This mat is equally well suited for home or travel, although it doesn’t come with its own carrying strap or case.

Best Pilates Mats

Aeromat Elite Workout Mat

Looking to equip your home gym? The Aeromat Elite Workout Mat has eyelets that make it super simple to hang up on a wall! It comes in three different sizes, but we recommend the 72 x 24 inch for Pilates work. The extra-thick foam is both durable and lightweight.

Balanced Body EcoWise Pilates Mat

Many Pilates mats are made with chemicals that can trigger allergies or sensitivities. The Balanced Body EcoWise Pilates Mat is made without latex, PVC, phthalates, or chloride. This also makes it a great eco-friendly option for any environmentalist's Pilates mat. Balanced Body offers versions of this mat with and without grommets for hanging!

STOTT Pilates ExpressMat

The STOTT Pilates ExpressMat is an excellent all-around Pilates mat. The double-sided mat offers one ribbed side for a non-slip texture and one smooth side for more flow through your movements. In addition to the thick, durable closed-cell foam construction, the mat has integrated velcro straps to roll up and take on the go!

Airex Coronella Exercise Mat

You’ll feel like you’ve brought the Pilates studio home with the Airex Coronella Exercise Mat. The super-thick mat doesn’t show any creases after rolling, but its comparatively heavier weight makes it not as suited to traveling. The Airex Coronella is also easy to clean. Just wipe with water and let the smooth surface air dry!

Best mats for Pilates

Manduka GRP Mat

Another thing to consider when choosing a Pilates mat is how sweaty you might get while using it. Whether you’re specifically doing hot Pilates or just working up a sweat, choose a mat like this one that’s moisture resistant! The core of the Manduka GRP Mat is actually infused with charcoal, to absorb moisture and repel odors.

Merrithew Folding Travel Mat

Never struggle to roll up a Pilates mat again with the Merrithew Folding Travel Mat. Made from an eco-friendly polymer environmental resin, this folding mat has a microfiber-like surface that doesn’t compromise on grip. The underside of the mat is equipped with a non-slip texture to keep your mat in place during your workout. Extra benefits of this mat? It comes with a mesh carrying bag, and all you have to do to clean it is pop it in the washing machine!

Spri Exercise Mat

The Spri Exercise Mat is both sturdy and soft. The 1/2 inch thickness provides cushioning for your most challenging of Pilates moves while still being a lightweight mat. Coming in black and blue colors, the Spri mat is a simple and functional choice!

BalanceFrom All-Purpose Pilates Mat

With an entire inch of anti-tear foam, the BalanceFrom All-Purpose Mat offers high-quality in every arena. Double-sided non-slip surfaces keep your mat on the floor, and your feet on the mat. It’s also incredibly lightweight given its thickness, weighing in at only 2.2 pounds. Coming in a variety of fun colors and with a convenient carrying strap, what’s not to love?

Pilates mat brands

Contrology Folding Mat

This premium mat has a variety of features that make it ideal for the advanced Pilates practitioner. A sturdy wooden base topped with high-density cushioning provides support for your spine and wrists. A foot strap, removable dowel handles, and moon boxes offer additional positioning assistance. When you’re done using the Contrology Folding Mat, it has a hidden magnetic closure and vinyl carrying strap to make transport a breeze!

Sivan Health and Fitness Extra Thick Comfort Foam Mat

Did you know memory foam could be for more than just a mattress? This extra-thick Pilates mat from Sivan Health and Fitness is specially designed with memory foam to provide support and stability during your exercise. With a ribbed side for extra grip on the floor and an integrated carrying case, this is another great option for a travel Pilates mat.

Retrospec Solana Mat

You’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to the Retrospec Solana Mat. This mat comes in both a 1-inch thick and 1/2-inch thick size and over a dozen cute colors and designs. Because who said that working out couldn’t be fun and expressive? It’s also made with eco-friendly materials that are free of latex, phthalate, and heavy metals.

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is aptly named, offering pro quality for your at-home Pilates workouts. At 0.24 inches thick, this mat is thinner than many of the other Pilates mats on this list. However, its high-density material still provides the necessary support. The thinner, moisture-resistant construction also means that it doesn’t absorb as much moisture or sweat, keeping bacteria and odor from growing.

Choosing the Pilates mat that is right for you can make all the difference in the enjoyment and effectiveness of your workout.

Whether you’re just beginning your Pilates journey or you’re an aficionado looking to upgrade your equipment, I hope you’ve found the perfect Pilates mat for your needs. I can’t stress enough how important mat work is to Pilates and to your overall strength! That’s why having the right mat is essential.

Until next time, drop any questions or comments you might have below; let us know which mat is your favorite! For more on all things Pilates, head on over to our blog or Instagram.

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