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Is Virtual Pilates Effective

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Ever since the pandemic forced everyone to stay home, many Pilates studios adapted to start offering virtual Pilates classes. This pivot added to a growing movement of online fitness classes available for at-home workouts. Between YouTube workout videos and online studios, there are plenty of options for virtual fitness classes. But how effective are they, really?

Many Pilates enthusiasts have mixed opinions on whether or not online Pilates can be as effective. That’s why I’m dedicating today’s post to sharing my thoughts on the effectiveness of virtual Pilates classes compared to in-person sessions.

Is Virtual Pilates Effective

When determining whether or not virtual Pilates is effective, there are many factors to consider. Online Pilates classes may not feel the same as in-person classes. However, learning Pilates online can have its own set of benefits.

While taking an in-person Pilates class, you may benefit from hands-on teaching of the proper posture for different Pilates exercises. Or perhaps it’s the social aspect of pilates and yoga classes that draw you in.

On the other hand, virtual Pilates classes can improve your focus on the Pilates workouts by cutting out class chatter. You’ll save time by not having to commute to and from a studio. Plus, with Pilates workout videos right on your computer, you can do them from wherever you are. Take time in the middle of your day for a reset without hopping in the car, or get a workout in while you’re traveling!

Not all online Pilates classes are equal, though. Consider what kind of instruction you prefer, the variety of workouts you want to have, and the price. Online fitness classes can run from $10 to $80 per month. When you make an investment in your health, make sure it’s the right one.

It’s important that you find one that suits your needs in order to reap the many benefits of Pilates. Here are a few of the best virtual Pilates classes.

Benefits of virtual Pilates

Best Virtual Pilates Classes

At Empowerhouse Pilates, virtual Pilates classes are our jam! There's a class for everyone with weekly live classes and a library of on-demand Pilates videos. Our online Pilates classes are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. We even have Pilates videos for kids!

Our series of weekly workout videos, tutorials, and bonus content is quite different than the rest. We designed this program to address what is typically missing from other online offerings…a progressive and comprehensive approach that emphasizes proper technique over speed, and leverages the benefits of structure instead of doing workouts a-la-carte.

We design our Pilates workouts to energize and empower every participant. By offering online Pilates classes, you’re able to work out wherever and whenever you please! Don’t just take it from us, here’s what Jane W. has to say:

“Cindy and Michelle’s Virtual Classes inspire me to work out at home. All you need is a mat, some 1-pound weights and they will motivate you and guide you with excellent cues! So happy to do this!”

Worried about getting high-quality instruction from a virtual Pilates class?

“You’d think that Michelle or Cindy can’t see what you’re doing at home through their computer but they can!” Lisa S. reassures. “The instruction, tips, and adjustments offered are immensely helpful to my Pilates practice. I really enjoy the live Zoom classes and it’s so easy to do from home. It keeps me disciplined and able to do Pilates more often.”

Join us for unlimited live Pilates classes online for $19 per month, or get unlimited access to on-demand workout videos and live classes for $79 per month.

Not quite ready to take the leap? Try some of our free Youtube videos! P.S: You’ll find them scattered throughout this article!

Best virtual Pilates classes

Centering | Tutorial & Beginner Mat

If you’re just getting started with your Pilates practice, this beginner Pilates class is perfect for you! In under 30 minutes, you’ll be introduced to the muscles that make up the powerhouse and learn how to engage them effectively. You can add ankle weights to find an even deeper connection to your core.

Visual learner? Audio learner? Unlike other fitness platforms, at Empowerhouse Pilates there are two instructors to support you through each and every workout.

From the instructor in the video, you can expect:

  • Excellent, thoughtful, cues to step you through the exercises much like you are in the studio doing a private lesson with an instructor.

  • Detailed imagery to inspire and encourage you to move with purpose so you get the most out of each movement.

From the instructor demonstrating the workout, you can expect:

  • A demonstration of perfect execution of the exercises so you can see what they should look like and develop a strong center, powerhouse, abdominals.

  • Visual inspiration to follow along with.

Stretch | Split Stretches

Our stretch workout videos combine Pilates and yoga into a Pilates workout that is both feel-good and functional. The Split Stretches video will teach you to stay present in the moment and feel a deeper connection to your center, as you find strength through length in this hip-focused stretch workout. We’ll stretch the hips from every angle – front, back, and side.

The Pelvis | Beginner Plank

The pelvis is a core component to your powerhouse. In this fitness class, you’ll learn different Pilates exercises to master the control of your pelvis. The plank position is used as strength training across many disciplines, but today we’re focusing on the Pilates benefits. Specifically, this Pilates class will strengthen your core, arms, and upper back as you work on controlled movement and flow.

The Magic Circle | Standing Arm Series

While you don’t need a lot of equipment to get a good Pilates workout, we offer several Pilates videos showing you how to use different equipment to improve your practice. This standing arm series uses the magic circle to focus on improving your posture and strengthening your arms and back!

Precision | The Boomerang

For the more advanced Pilates practitioner, this advanced Pilates workout will be a great challenge to return to precise form and learn the Boomerang. This virtual Pilates class is part of our Precision series, which incorporates notes from Joseph Pilates himself. Try this 12-minutes-long video to perfect your form and technique!

Neck & Shoulders | Standing Towel

If you really want to see improved posture, the neck & shoulders series of Pilates videos are an excellent place to start. As with all Pilates classes, multiple muscle groups are worked, but these fitness classes focus primarily on upper-body strengthening and chest opening. The Standing Towel video will help you work on your posture as well as relieve neck and shoulder tension. Grab your hand towel and get ready for a workout!

Ribs & Breathing | The Wall

Your breath is essential to Pilates. In this online Pilates class, you’ll learn how to engage the upper abdominals and control your breathing at the same time. You can take the skills you learn in this class into your everyday life and even other fitness classes, like strength training, yoga classes, and our other Pilates classes, too! Use the wall workout to reset and realign your whole body while strengthening your back muscles and arms.

Big & Small Movement | Side Leg Kicks

Get the best of both worlds in this Big & Small Movement class! In this 20-minute Pilates workout, you’ll challenge your range of motion by practicing both big movements and small, precise movements. The side leg kick moves will challenge your powerhouse, thighs, and hips for a lower-body focused workout.

Tempo | Cardio Mat

Prefer a higher paced fitness class? This virtual Pilates class focuses on moving to tempo. The Cardio Mat video is a standing abdominal workout, and all you need is a mat and some space! This fun video offers more of a cardio focus to switch up your fitness routine and will also challenge your balance!

Centering | Teasers

This online Pilates class focuses on another one of the principles of Pilates – centering. Centering refers to improving the connection between your mind, body, and powerhouse, or your core. In this workout video, Michelle and Cindy will take you through a series of teasers that use the arms to increase the connection to your powerhouse.

Is Virtual Pilates Effective

Virtual Pilates classes can be just as effective as in-person classes.

Here at Empowerhouse Pilates, we believe that you can’t build a proper house without first creating a solid foundation from which to build upon. As classically-trained instructors with over 30 years of combined teaching experience, we have developed a unique and comprehensive program designed around that philosophy.

Every month we focus on a different part of the body, or a specific Pilates concept. Our system pairs an informative tutorial video followed by a sequential series of workouts. Each workout is designed to build upon the previous one, so doing them in order is going to get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our goal is for you to discover what we typically refer to as a ‘mind-body connection’ rather than just simply going through the motions of an exercise. So, at the end of the day, getting the most out of your Pilates workout comes down to more than whether it’s online or in-person.

Virtual Pilates classes offer you flexibility, variety, and freedom. That might be the thing that makes the difference between just a workout and a lifelong practice that transforms your mind, body, and soul!

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